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She was the one, happiest of all,

Little did she know, life wouldn’t be the same for all.

She lived a fairy tale, trusted all.

Life showed her a way, harshest of all.

She fell once, she fell twice, but she stood high,

As she knew she could not afford to cry.

Smiling was her daytime task,

As by night, she knew she had to unmask.

She knew life was not that easy,

So were the people who acted all cheesy.

No one could be trusted, not even the dearest ones,

As they were not the dearest, but she was the interim one.

She was a ray of positivity, in the world full of pessimists,

They all knew she was not one of those impressionists.

When life kept giving her lemons,

She decided to take down the demons.

The world kept laughing at her,

Assuming her to be the moronic one.

But she snubbed them all,

To slowly and steadily witness their downfall.

She knew she had to conquer,

So she stood out 10 times stronger.

Hence she left it all to her fate,

And gave her life the best update.

She then began writing her life,

The way she wanted it to be.

And then she carried on going,

As she knew she wouldn’t be a defeat.

She prayed all day, She prayed all night.

For God; to give her some good days.

She tried and tried until succession,

One day she found everything in her possession.

Once successful, she looked around,

Only to find the ones who had left her drowned.

She then smiled, greeted and kissed them goodbye.

For once they gave her a side-eye.

Once again she was herself,

With only a few chosen ones.

The ones who never left her side,

The ones who were always alongside.

That's all See you all soon with another new post. Do give in your reviews. Until then XOXO

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