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Hey guys!! How are you all? It’s been so long since I published my earlier blog, so I was actually in a huge skepticism as to which travel blog shall I put up or shall I blog about some political vendetta or maybe any of the ongoing communal difficulties but then I looked around only to observe that innumerable events are happening off lately. One of the main concerns is the lack of Love. People are struggling with themselves every moment and in this process, they just tend to ignore the life God has blessed them with. Not living their lives to the fullest, just busy competing and struggling makes us merely surviving puppets of this universe. There is no peace in the world because it lacks within us and unless we do not change ourselves we cannot change the neighborhood. By change I mean the situation of today's world that not a single soul is looking for themselves. We are all so busy trying to impress someone, look like someone, travel like someone, be rich like someone, but what nobody understands is that 'the someone’ is not ‘the one‘, The only one is YOU who can bring about a change in the society by being a happy and a loving human because when you love yourself, others will start loving you as well. In other words, we call it ‘Self-Love’; it’s so easy to say it or use it as hashtags on social media. I use it for pictures, but it is so difficult to love ourselves as most of the time we are expecting someone else to love us or someone else to give us that kind of attention which will never be enough for us.

Self-Love should be a complete acceptance of who and what you are. One must understand that Self-Love is not the desperate need to be someone else because in this process you just tend to forget who you are at present and the same could result in who you are going to be in the future. Almost each one of us comes across people who try to degrade us or compete with us in everything. At times we too try to copy what others do but that is not the way to lead a peaceful and satisfying life. Such actions will only lead you to negativity and hatred towards all. The word 'Competition' itself leads to jealousy and rivalry due to which you lose everything and everyone including OURSELVES. The only way you can achieve success and inner peace is by loving and keeping yourself above all and trying not to be someone else because, in the end, it is only going to be YOU. Be it success or failure it is you who will go through all the good and bad phases in life and not a single soul would be there with you. You are responsible for all the actions you take and once the time is gone, it will never come back to you. Being your true self will be the biggest advantage in your life because when you pretend to be someone else you end up losing your self.

Kindness is another key factor in one's life. You should be kind enough to let go of certain actions and people. The only advice I would like to give you all is- just do whatever makes you happy, follow your goal, keep helping as many individuals as you can and keep spreading love and positivity because no matter how bad or cruel someone is, if you are positive and kind, you can make a whole lot of difference. In the end, your kindness will be cherished and not the negativity which you blow out. These positive thoughts will reflect in your actions only when you are true to yourself, only when you start loving yourself. Also when you face rejections and failures in life, you end up losing confidence and hope in yourself which later turns into hatred and negativity towards yourself and everyone else around you. All you need to do is give yourself some time or spend time with someone who understands you and puff out the frustration or sadness within yourself. Think about where you went wrong, meditate for a while, stay in peace, and just move ahead by surrounding yourself with the nicest people you got.

I am sure each one of you must have had their share of experiences but remember that you are all amazing in everything you do. Having positive thoughts can give you so much peace in life. People who try to demotivate you or the ones who try to put you down won't be able to succeed if you focus on your own life and goals because once you are happy and going your way in life, nobody, not a single soul, can take away that happiness from you. Most of you are having some of the other difficulties in life so my only motive is to give you all a little bit of positivity and courage to live life the way you want to live it. Each one of us is being tested at every step of our life. The only thing you all need to remember is to respect and love your self and keep moving forward in life. There are times where you face difficulties and you start to think "Oh maybe I am just not enough" or there are times when negative energies cross our paths as hurdles but the only question I ask myself during such situations is that "Does this person or thing matter to me?" or "do I need to become like him/her?" then I tell myself "No, my life is so much better and the only thing I need to focus on is the goal which I have in life because this person or thing would not matter in the future."

Just follow these few steps and you will be at peace after all -

1) Identify your mistake.

2) Let yourself heal.

3) Make a 'what am I good at' list.

4) Keep doing the things you are good at.

5) Get rid of the negative in your surrounding.

6) Surround yourself with positive people.

7) Stop comparing yourself with others.

8) See the positive in the negative.

9) Be good to all.

10) Ignore the unpleasantness.

11) Spread love.

12) Forgive everyone.

13) Help the needy.

14) Hide your weakness.


         So guys my only intention to convey these thoughts to you all through this blog was that if any of you are insecure or reluctant towards yourself, please don't be, because you all are beautiful and stunning the way you are. Expecting others to love you can only lead to loneliness and disappointments. Therefore let no negativity influence you or let you down. When you walk, walk with positivity and a smile. As Mahatma Gandhi quoted - "Where there is love, there is life"

I hope you all have gained positivity through my words and thoughts. Let PEACE and LOVE prevail. God bless all !!! XOXO

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