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It's Okay

It's okay to be wrong,

For, in the end, you have to be strong.

It's okay to take a long walk,

As the world belongs to those who talk.

It's okay to love some more,

As there is so much hate ashore.

It's okay to hold some hope,

Since we all have so much to cope.

It's okay to be a loser,

But forever have your loved ones closer.

It's okay to challenge life an ample,

As it's not always so simple.

It's okay to not think of the future,

As life is one huge adventure.

It's okay to not repeatedly worry,

Since each moment is such a glory.

It's okay to sometimes fear,

As the future is not eternally clear.

It's okay to shed and wipe the tears,

Since the good times are always near.

It's okay to express a few words,

What matters is if they are heard.

It's okay to be terrified of our fate,

As someone is constantly up for a checkmate.

It's okay to prioritize your life,

For, in the end, you have to survive.

It's Okay to show some rage,

For those wanting you in a cage.

It's okay to be bled by a thorn,

To face the same you were born.

It's okay to not be a shield,

As one day it all shall be healed.

It's okay to have mercy on one,

For one day you'll be craving for some.

It's okay to bury the past,

Because life will never recast.

- Urvashi.H

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