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Quebec city

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Sugar shack near Montreal.
Bonjour les amis !!!


Today I am going to blog about my 3-day stay in Quebec, actually, there are a lot of places which I have visited in Canada but the most I enjoyed was my overnight cruise stay in Quebec..!!!

St Lawrence lake, Montreal !!!

Like every other person, I too was equally excited to explore the streets of Quebec. We started our cruise from New York City through Rockland, then Corner Brook to Sept Iles and the climate was so windy along with cold showers making it difficult for us to go ashore in Corner Brook. I had the same thought for Quebec but luckily god blessed us with pleasant weather as it was the time for fall foliage and those changing colours of maple leaves was a sight to behold.

Interiors of Heli port in Montreal..!!

Another one..!!

QM2 docked in the QC port..!

So the day of our arrival was fugitive as the cruise had been docked by 2 pm so we kinda missed almost half of our day yet that was fine as we had another 2 days and 3 nights in hand to explore the city. There were like several options for shore excursions but I decided on the Helicopter ride. We left the port and headed to the Complexe Capitale hélicoptère. The view of the St.Lawrence river from the top was just astounding, si Magnifique!! The fall foliage gave us another reason to enjoy our heli ride. We could also get the top view of the cruise. The Olympic stadium, Montmorency falls, beautiful roads & constructional planning of the city made our day. So we returned to the ship in the evening and I had planned to go visit the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac (Castle in Quebec port). The cruise was docked right in front of the castle, but I was so tired that I just got done with my dinner, took a walk on the deck and went straight to the bed as the temperature had been dropped to 2/3 in the night and it was cold again with cold showers.

Sugar Shack surrounding...!!

My greedy face having apple pie with maple syrup

Interiors of Sugar Shack

Now the next day we had a shore excursion to Montreal which was about 13-14 hours tour and I knew it would be exhausting but worth it at the end of the day. So I got done with my early breakfast and got all prepped up to leave. It was a 3-hour one-way journey by road but also we had an amazing and cheerful tour guide which made our journey even more jolly. So on our way, we first made a stop at the Fromagerie Cheese Centre. They have the best cheese around the corner there. I ended up buying some along with a pack of BBQ chips to munch on the way. Oh yes, and the Poutine dish is a must-try !!! Upon our arrival, the very first thing we did was Bingo, Shopping!!! But before we made our way to the city, we came across La Ronde, A Riverside Amusement part which was huge and also the tents where the famous Montreal circus festival takes place every year in July. So the most beautiful place I visited that day was the Notre Dame Basilica, so pure and artistic. Loved the Architecture and Interiors especially the Stained glass decor. I wanted to go to the chapel to pray for a while but we were short of time so had to leave. The Olympic stadium and park were also the places I visited that day along with a Funicular ride up and down the Montreal tower. Oh, and how can I forget the craze Canadian citizens have for bikes and cars because I did witness a lot of sports cars and by looking at them I was like 'oh my geez, that's hot' and people were gazing the car and bike models instead of boys hahaha!!! We kinda toured and toured the whole day and returned to the ship but it was night already and I decided okay I need to go on around, so post-dinner we went out walking around the streets of the city and it was such a cold climate yet a beautiful one as QC is a picturesque place and one should wander around the city. The French Canadians had already begun the preparations for Halloween as it was the month of October. I could see pumpkins and pumpkins everywhere with fairy lights and a lot of spooky decor stuff around. Everything was shut except for bars, but a quiet and beautiful place to hang out in the night amongst all the places I've been until now. Everything was just lit..!!

Montmorency Falls

The third day I had kept for myself to rest and stroll around the city in-depth but as my parents were going to a tour of Montmorency falls, I thought maybe me and my little sis could give them a company, which turned out to be a good decision. Oh boy, the Montmorency falls is, in reality, 80-90 metres higher than the Niagara falls which is exciting. The weather up there near the falls was quite pleasant as compared to the rest of the city and the view was better than expected. So except the falls tour, we went to the Sugar Shack as well which has a Maple syrup on it. There near the shack was the best view where one could witness the perfect fall foliage which is why I have checked a lot and yes I did get some maple leaves home haha!!! Also, I got a couple of maple products home as they looked and tasted yummy... The owner also explained us as to how the SAP from the maple tree is extracted and the history about the maple syrup, it was just a very beautiful and peaceful day to end our stay in QC.... !!!

Halloween Preparations.!!

So I would suggest you all visit Quebec City at least once in your life, and the best time of the year would be from July to October. Do go through the pictures and pls do share your views below.

Until then Au Revoir!!!

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