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Remembrance of the Eternal City

Greetings everyone, I believe you all are safe & doing well during these tough days of corona pandemic. It is so sad to see thousands of people die every day due to the same. Every other day many succumb to cancer, accidents, heart problems, etc but that is due to natural causes whereas losing your life because of some virus despite taking utmost precautions is unbearable and it is not just one of us but our little mistake can also cost the lives of our family members and the others who come in our contact. Moreover, this is the new normal but initially when it hit Europe after China, I still remember how we all felt bad for Italy and then Spain. Why? Because these are some of the most beautiful and touristic places in the world. Especially Italy, many citizens have died there because of their old age population. It felt like a personal loss to me as Italy is the only country I have visited the most in my life. There are many places which made me fall in love with but most of it was Rome as perfect as the name given to it - The Eternal City. The streets, the monuments, the architecture, the interiors, the restaurants as well as the ancient ruins, everything was just so amazing.

The local streets of Rome.

So I’ve been to Rome 2-3 times but initially for my first time there I was very much excited and while I was in the bus, I kept imaging as to how the places and people are going to be. When we first landed at the Port of Civitavecchia, I found it all dry as though there's nothing out there to see and from there it was an hour journey to Rome by road. As soon as we reached Rome, the bus halted in the midst of the city and we began walking up to the Piazza Navona and believe me it was like a paradise, an open space for everyone and it is built in Baroque style (a famous ancient Roman architectural style).

The main plaza of Piazza Navona.

Well technically it is very enormous with all these pretty outdoor restaurants, lots of tourists, but the most attracting point there is the Baroque fountain also known as the Fountain of the four rivers (In Italian - Fontana del Quattro Fiumi) - the Nile, Ganges or Ganga, Danube & Rio de la Plata or River plate along with the river Gods.

The Fountain of the four rivers.

Next, we stopped at the Pantheon, it is also located in the Piazza Navona. It’s around 2000 years old with the most beautiful interiors I have ever seen of any monument in my life. The word Pantheon itself means 'Honor all Gods' and so once you enter, you get a blissful feel.

The exteriors of the Pantheon.

The most appealing factor of it is the hole in the top or better known as the eye of the Pantheon or Oculus! It is the largest unsupported dome in the world with a diameter of 142ft which is the same distance from the floor to the top inside the Pantheon. The hole (Oculus) is 7.8meters and it is the only source of light and the only connection between the temple and the Gods as they say. Michelangelo once said it looked more like the work of angels than the humans.

The beautiful interiors of the Pantheon.

After leaving from the Pantheon we stopped at the Trevi Fountain, in Italian known as Fontana de Trevi. Well, I am sure one needs no introduction to this, but witnessing it live was heaven. It’s so peaceful that despite being in the presence of 100’s other tourists, all you get is the positive and calm vibe. So many coins have been thrown inside the fountain and along with the crystal blue water and the pure white colour of the structure, it's such an elegant sight to see.

Well until we finished visiting the Trevi fountain it was almost lunchtime so we went to this underground restaurant with super cool interiors and huge arches carved in full of stones named ‘Le Terme Colosseo’ which means The colosseum spa. It was just a few mins walk from the colosseum. Spent quite a good time there. When in Rome, I would recommend you guys to visit this restaurant.

The antique interiors of the restaurant.

Post lunch came the most awaited part of our tour that was THE COLOSSEUM !! No doubt about it being one of the seven wonders of the world. Well, colosseum is famous not only from the outside but inside too, it has quite a history. It’s basically an amphitheatre which in ancient era was used for animal hunts, executions, battle re-enactments, sea battles drama and so on. Colosseum as said is the iconic structure and the symbol of Rome. It has survived everything until now including earthquakes, wars, looting and it has rightly been said in Bede’s writing “As long as the Colosseum stands, Rome shall stand; When the Colosseum falls, Rome shall fall and when Rome falls, the world will end”

The Colosseum from the outside.

We had such a good time in the Colosseum I mean its huge to even explore all of it. So post colosseum we went to the Roman Forum which is just next to the Colosseum, one thing about Rome is impressive that the monuments are considerably nearby to each other and one doesn’t have to move around with a map in their hand trying to locate a particular structure.

The interiors of the Colosseum.

Well not many know but there were two brothers named Romulus and Remus during the ancient era. Romulus killed Remus, became the king and named Rome after himself. Post that he made an alliance with his rival, Titus Tatius & made the Roman forum a central meeting zone. So this place is of utmost religious, political & social importance; also one of the most famous tourist spots in Italy.

The Roman Forum.

Last but not least were the Spanish steps located in the Centro Storico, which also is another historic centre of Rome. You guys have to believe me when I tell you, this is such a lively place with ancient streets, churches, etc. Spanish steps are irregular stairs & landings which lead you to the French church of Trinità dei Monti. There’s a beautiful fountain at the base of this church named Fontana Della Barcaccia Now you must wonder why these steps are named Spanish and have a French church, it’s simply because it is located at the ‘Piazza di Spagna’ which means ‘Spain’s square’ relating to the Spanish embassy there which is considered to be the longest-lasting embassy of one country to another. The relation between Spain and Italy has always been the best over the history for centuries. These 2 are solely my most favourite countries in the world.

The Fountain at the base of the steps with the French Church above.

In Rome, everything is just so photogenic along with the local food particularly the Italian pizzas & kinds of pasta. The Cacio e Pepe represents deliciousness, also Maritozzi which you will get in any small espresso bars mainly for breakfast. Finally is the Gelato!! No Italian trip is a whole without having too many gelatos!!!

So that's it, guys. This was my piece of experience in Rome. If you have anything special to share about your experience please do so in the below comment section. Until then Addio..!!!

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