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RMS Queen Mary 2

Welcome Aboard

View from 12th deck

 Ok so, I'll just take you guys on a short tour of RMS Queen Mary 2.

Suez Canal

Named after the Majesty Queen Mary is the Royal Mail ship which goes as RMS Queen Mary 2 in Cunard line. One of the most strongest ships in the world which has even travelled through Force 11 in Atlantic Ocean with the maximum speed of 30 knots. Weighing 79,287 tonnes. She entered into service in 2004 to travel her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York as she has been specialised to...!!!

Port of Lisbon, Portugal...!!!

 It was built at the Saint-Nazaire, France port. Since the yard number in this port where she was being made was G32, there is a night club designed onboard which has been named as G32. She embarked for her maiden voyage on 12th January 2004 to New York from Southampton. It stand 1,132 ft long to 236.2 ft tall in the water with 14 passenger decks & 4 decks permitted for only the crew of this ship containing 2,695 passengers & 1,253 crew members !!!!

Britannia Restaurant


Queen Room

 There are in all 4 swimming pools on QM2. Deck 3L has illuminations (planetarium), The Royal Court Theatre lower level and Upper level, The Queen's Room, G32 club, Golden Lion's Pub. Deck 4,5,6,8,9 are all occupied with staterooms for all the guests with Deck 6 having Kid's Zone at the extreme end of the ship. Verandah Restaurant placed right on Deck 8 again at the extreme end...!!!

Deck 9 onwards are staterooms reserved for the guests of Queen's & Princess Grill's, there is a room named as The Atlantic Room which is specially reserved for guests who are cruising the entire world voyage from January to the first week of May... !!!


There's a Boardwalk Cafe on Deck 12. The kennels, located aft on starboard side of Deck 12, are available only for transatlantic crossings. They can accommodate up to twelve dogs and cats in six small and six large cages. The main public dining area is on the Deck 7 with the King's court which is open 24/7 for the guests. Chef galley, The Alternative, Princess Grill's all of these are dined on Deck 7. Then there is a Library & a Book Shop opposite to the Verandah restaurant. Three of the eight propeller blades are being kept on the front of Deck 7. 

Ice Carving Show.

So I tried posting as less pictures as I could because really can't upload all at once. Having this experience for the 4th time on cruise, so, its my advice to at least go cruising once in your life as you get to live your life to the fullest at least a day or two but really go....!! I am sure whichever cruise it is you guys will really be wanting to go more and more... and watch out for my next blog as it will completely be about the Food & Beverage department.. Lots of cuisines coming up and everything about the kind of food you will find on a cruise...!!!

While leaving Singapore

Thank you Folks......!!!

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