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Take that Chance!

Life is an adventure,

Overpower your fear

Embrace your blunders,

The grass is not ever greener

Listen to your soul,

Lead up the mind

These are the voices,

Help reveal your finds

Grab your phone,

Make that call

Talk the heart out,

Life is one for all

Flee the common,

Achieve your dreams

Pace toward the destiny,

For that is the primacy

Stretch your boundaries,

Surprise yourself

Create new stories,

That is how it should end

Pick distinct paths,

Meet unlike somebodies

Discover new fortes,

Make the finest memories

See-through the darkness,

Overcome your failings

Look out for the brightness

Life is all about the winnings

Soar like a rocket

Look past the clouds

Rightly as stated

The sky is not the limit

Never look for the reason,

Even when heartbroken

It makes you want things,

Yet to be woken

Take that chance,

Turn dreams into reality

Put the thoughts to a glance,

End the sufferings of morality

Not one born with plenty,

Some filled with drive

Lives are no more empty,

With the hunger to stay alive

Challenge yourself within,

The body and soul rushes

Put up the face with a smile,

Even if met among the bushes

Strangers seek glimpses,

Ensure not to quit

Life is full of chances,

Make sure to seize it

- Urvashi. H


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